Links and Resources

Good planning and preparedness as well as an awareness of potential travel risks can help reduce the likelihood or impact of a distressing or harmful event.

This section provides general and targeted resources available to better assist travelers in planning for various concerns abroad.


Embassy information:

Foreign embassy travel advice sites with additional information:


The U.S. State Department offers advice on Women’s Safety.  Please review this information and discuss any concerns with the MIT office organizing your trip abroad.

International SOS (ISOS) also provides travel and safety tips for women and is available to help educate travelers on specific destinations before departure and while overseas.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals traveling outside the United States may encounter legal and cultural situations, as well as potential personal safety risks, requiring additional awareness and adjustments. In many locations around the world, laws, social norms, and attitudes present increased risk to LGBTQ travelers. To understand those risks, we strongly encourage you to research the laws and attitudes of the countries you plan to visit. 

You can reach out to members of the MIT community from the countries you plan to visit by contacting LBGTQ@MIT. In addition, read the pointers in the U.S. State Department’s LGBTI Travel Information and specifically the sections in U.S. State Department Country Information under the Local Laws and Special Circumstances section for your countries of travel. GlobeSmart also provides country specific information for the LGBT community under each locale's Local Business Environment section.

Additional resources: