Register Your Travel

The MIT Travel Registry collects trip-related data, such as itineraries and contact information, so that the Institute is able to locate and contact travelers in an area where health, safety, or security are threatened.

All MIT students, faculty, staff, and affiliates with a Kerberos account have access to the Travel Registry. The registry will also be used to send travel advisories and risk notices.

For more information, check out the Travel Registry help page and FAQs and/or watch a brief training video.

Who should register?

Registration is expected for all students on international academic travel and encouraged for staff and faculty on international business travel, particularly to destinations with MIT International Travel Risk Policy warnings. Registration is also available to the MIT community for domestic travel.

Students participating in certain organized programs are required to register their MIT-sponsored or financed off-campus travel and should contact their program manager/administrator for more information on how to register their trip. In particular, MISTI travelers will remain in the MISTI application and registration tool until further notice.

If you are a student program administrator who has never registered travel in the MIT Registry before, please contact the registry administrators.

Should I record my trip information anywhere else?

While the Travel Registry serves as the main collection point within MIT for travel information, all travelers, whether U.S. citizens or not, are encouraged to enroll their trip in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) offered by the U.S. State Department. Enrollment in STEP will enable the U.S. embassies at your travel destinations to send you safety information that can impact your trip.