Register Your Travel

The MIT Travel Registry collects trip-related data, such as itineraries and contact information, so that the Institute is able to locate and contact travelers in an area where health, safety, or security are threatened.

All MIT students, faculty, staff, and affiliates with a Kerberos account have access to the Travel Registry. 

Who should register?

You are required to register your travel through the MIT Travel Registry, and if:

  • you are in Covid Pass and have regular access to MIT’s campus. This includes:
    • personal international and domestic travel;
    • overnight “local” travel (out-of-state but within New England); and
    • any travel that will cause you to miss a required Covid test; or
  • your travel is MIT-related. MIT-related travel is:
    • travel funded entirely or in part by MIT sources;
    • travel organized primarily by MIT (e.g., MIT selects the participants);
    • travel conducted at the behest of MIT or in furtherance of MIT objectives;
    • travel related to scholarly activities (whether paid for by MIT or not); and/or
    • travel that requires the use of MIT equipment, supplies, or personnel.

Should I record my trip information anywhere else?

While the Travel Registry serves as the main collection point within MIT for travel information, all travelers, whether U.S. citizens or not, are encouraged to enroll their trip in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) offered by the U.S. State Department. Enrollment in STEP will enable the U.S. embassies at your travel destinations to send you safety information that can impact your trip.