The ICC is comprised of multiple MIT offices and departments that can help answer your questions about travel, safety and security, tax and financial compliance, and other topics relating to international activities.

Please refer to the following chart for contact names or offices that can assist you. 





Employment Abroad Linda Dionne, Office of Associate Provost  617-324-8164 ldionne@mit.edu
Export Control Janet Johnston, Export Control Officer 617-253-2762 jcjohnst@mit.edu
Finances Jodi Kessler, VPF 617-324-8969 kesslerj@mit.edu
International Scholars ISchO 617-253-2851 ischo@mit.edu
International Students ISO 617-253-3795 ISO-help@mit.edu
Planning a Project Michael Leskiw, RAS 617-324-9146 mleskiw@mit.edu
Sending Students Abroad Malgorzata Hedderick, GEO 617-253-9358 malrh@mit.edu
Travel (Money Matters) Kathy McGrath, VPF 617-253-8366 kmcgrath@mit.edu
Travel (Safety and Security) Todd Holmes, Safety & Security Prgm Mgr 617-324-7696 tholmes@mit.edu