Will your project bring visitors to MIT?

It is important to determine whether your project will bring international visitors to MIT, how many will come, and how long they will stay.

Department administrators provide asstance with such visits in coordination with the International Scholars Office (ISchO) and the International Students Office (ISO). They will need advance notice to process visas and to assess MIT’s capacity to absorb visitors based on available lab space, offices, and housing. 

The ICC can help you:

  • Plan and manage visits. Sponsor visits are often the starting points for future international projects and lay the groundwork for successful negotiations. As discussions advance, it may be necessary to clarify expectations for the length and frequency of visits from sponsor personnel and include those in the terms of the agreement.  
  • Prepare for arrival. International visitors require significant coordination among the ISchO, ISO, and departmental administrators. It is essential to provide adequate lead time for preparation. Some factors to consider include:
    • Where will they be physically located and is there sufficient space?
    • What visas and approvals are needed?
    • Who will be monitoring their activities?
    • Will visitors be taking classes, teaching, or conducting research?
    • Will they receive payment or stipend and will there be tax implications?
    • What kind of access will they have to information and facilities?
    • Are there training requirements?
    • Are there potential export issues?
    • Have registration fees or visiting students been budgeted?
    • Who is responsible for the visitor’s health insurance?
    • Are sponsors and visitors aware of the necessary IPIA forms?

For additional information, speak with your dean’s office, the ISchO, or the ISO.