Who are the external stakeholders?

Sponsors of international projects may take many forms, including governments, foundations, state-owned or independent corporations, or individuals. As with domestic projects, many major international engagements have a combination of sponsors.

For international projects, it is particularly important to understand the relationship between MIT and the sponsor(s), and any constraints that may impact your activities as a result of their status.

The ICC can help you:

  • Identify key stakeholders. We will work with you to identify decision makers, negotiators, funders, and other relevant parties.
  • Determine necessary approvals. Depending on the type of sponsor and its structure, we will help determine requirements needed to implement your project.
  • Facilitate the process. To expedite negotiation, we will connect the appropriate representatives from MIT with their sponsor counterparts early in the process.
  • Raise questions. With our involvement, the appropriate groups can perform due diligence on sponsors and begin working through any legal issues or challenges related to payment and taxes.