When can collaborators announce the project?

MIT is careful about the public use of its name by others. Detailed policies are in place in this regard. All such uses require prior approval by the Technology Licensing Office (TLO). In general, announcements about any project take place only after an agreement is in place and the text must be vetted in advance by MIT.

International collaborators often ask MIT or Principal Investigators (PIs) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to memorialize discussions about a potential collaboration. MIT generally doesn’t negotiate or sign MOUs or other documents simply stating that discussions are taking place, preferring to work on and document the actual scope and terms of projects.

The ICC can help you:

  • Follow policy. The ICC will see that the agreement includes the terms necessary to ensure that the sponsor is bound by MIT policy. Information about MIT’s Use of Name policy is available here or by email.
  • Assess an MOU. The ICC will help determine whether an MOU makes sense for your project.  Questions to consider include: What commitments are being made in the MOU? What benefit is there to MIT from signing?