What types of activities are covered by the project?

MIT engages in numerous international projects – more than 300 at last count. Some activities recur in different forms in many of our international agreements.

These include:

  • Institution building and institutional change
  • Research
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Education and curriculum development
  • Assistance with faculty recruitment and training
  • Personnel exchange

Depending on the activities, some projects may require greater support and a more extensive approval process.

The ICC works to ensure that MIT can support and fulfill each of the commitments in our international agreements. Consider early in your planning what activities will occur during the course of the project, what value the activities bring to the MIT community, and what lessons can be learned from prior projects.

The ICC can help you:

  • Build a team. A more complex project will require consultation with multiple administrative offices. The ICC will begin communicating with appropriate stakeholders, including the IAC, immediately after hearing from you.
  • Get connected. It is important that appropriate people in MIT’s administrative offices are engaged throughout the process – from the early stages of assembling your proposal to the point of negotiating the agreement.
  • Be informed. The ICC will inform you of potentially similar projects, explore ways to maximize impact and connect you to resources that might be valuable in your planning.