Have you connected with the appropriate people at MIT?

International engagements require input from administrators in multiple offices to negotiate and implement. 

Large projects, known as international engagements, include one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Multiple activities
  • Multiple departments/disciplines
  • Significant funding
  • Governance structures, such as a board of directors, steering committee, or a scientific advisory board
  • Research proposal selection
  • Collaborations with the sponsor’s Principal Investigators
  • Foreign currency payments
  • Long-term plan (3-10 years)  

They also need to be approved by the appropriate dean or department head and filtered through the International Advisory Committee (IAC). Contact the IAC with details of the project to get on the agenda of the IAC’s monthly meetings.

The ICC can help you:

  • Connect and consult. The ICC will help coordinate the activities of multiple offices related to project development, approval, and implementation.
  • Move forward. The ICC will connect you with a team from relevant offices that will work with you to resolve questions, draft an agreement, and advance negotiations.

Please contact the ICC for assistance.