Gaining an understanding of the tax regulations of the country(ies) where your project operates should be an integral part of your plan.

Generally, MIT does not want to carry out activities in-country that are considered by the local tax authority as evidence of a permanent establishment, or "PE." Although MIT is a tax-exempt organization in the U.S. and is exempt from certain taxation related to its charitable activities, MIT is generally not exempt from tax liability in other countries. Without a specific exemption, local tax authorities could assess corporate tax on deemed revenue arising in-country, and in addition MIT could be taxed on ALL funding received from a foreign country just like any other for-profit entity operating in the foreign country. Given the tax implications, MIT must carefully plan the type of activities that will occur in a foreign country.

Anyone planning an international project should also consider withholding tax implications. MIT generally asks the sponsor to pay withholding tax to ensure adequate funding is available for the program.

Contact the ICC if your program plans to have more than incidental activity or presence in a foreign country. With advance planning, we can help mitigate uncertainty and risk.