Getting Started on This Site

The ICC website is a collection of key administrative resources from across MIT, selected and organized to guide and assist members of the MIT community in planning and managing international activities.

It includes six sections - planning (agreement lifecycle, PI checklist); management (finances and people matters); travel abroad (safety and security, health, logistics, travel registry); cultural resources; training; and key contact information. All sections may apply to faculty and staff; students may find the travel abroad and cultural resources sections most helpful.


Every country and project can raise unique issues and challenges. Faculty and staff can learn about steps and questions to consider and review when planning an international engagement. The ICC can help identify and guide you through financial and legal considerations, export control regulations, and other key issues.


There are many similarities between managing and administrating activities in the US and in a foreign country, but there are also important differences to be aware of when implementing an international program. This section helps identify some of those differences, from how to manage financial issues such as planning a budget, foreign procurement, and payments abroad; to how to manage people matters, such as hiring or sending employees and/or students abroad.

Travel Abroad

This section has many resources to help the entire MIT community plan and execute a safe trip. It provides a travel checklist and logistics page, information on MIT Medical’s Travel Healh Clinic and other resources to help you stay healthy while abroad, and a link to register your trip so MIT can contact you if there’s an incident in the area to which you’re traveling.

There’s also an extensive section on safety and security where you can learn about worldwide travel assistance provided by International SOS to the MIT community abroad, review the International Travel Risk Policy and country-specific warnings, and find other helpful resources and tips for the general population, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cultural Resources

In order to communicate and collaborate most effectively – globally and with each other – cultural awareness is essential. Here you will find a range of tools and resources on different countries and cultures and to enhance your cross-cultural intelligence and communication.

To start your cultural exploration, check out GlobeSmart, an MIT-licensed online resource that contains Culture Guides for over 95 countries, and/or contact a member of MISTI's program staff who have expertise in over 20 countries. There are also recommendations for learning and training opportunities through Skillsoft,, and the Atlas Learning Center; courses from MIT and other universities and institutions around the world; and self-guided enrichment through books.

Info Sessions

The ICC periodically hosts in-person information sessions with presentations from experts on a range of topics such as travel health & safety, technology tips for travel, export control, and cross-cultural communications. This section provides a list of upcoming sessions along with archived videos and presentations from select sessions.


If you have questions on planning or managing an international engagement, there are many people on campus who can help you. The ICC is comprised of specialists from multiple MIT offices and departments that can help answer your specific questions. You can also find contact information for administrators who have worked in/with international projects in a specific country/region. Or, if you have a general question about international activities, you can fill out a webform with your inquiry and someone from the ICC will get back to you with guidance.