Members of the ICC Policy and Procedures Coordinating Group

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Jesse DeLaughter MIT-SUTD Collaboration
John Desforge SMART
Deborah Fisher Office of Risk Management
Ken Goldsmith Architecture and Planning
Ronald Hasseltine Office of the Provost
Malgorzata Hedderick Global Education
Jodi Kessler Office of the VP for Finance
Danielle Khoury Office of the VP for Finance
April Julich Perez MISTI
Mary Mahoney Center for Transp. and Logistics
Marianna Melnyk Human Resources
Michael Moody Audit
David Sears J-PAL
Brian Tavares Chemical Engineering
Long Tran Office of the VP for Finance
Patricia Vargas Tech.and Development Program
Christina Williams Sloan School of Management

Ex Officio Members


Robin Lemp Office of Major Agreements
Michelle Christy Office of Sponsored Programs
Magdalene Lee Office of Major Agreements
Shawna Vogel Office of Sponsored Programs
Cecelia Wardle Office of Major Agreements