ICC Membership

The ICC includes representatives from many administrative offices, departments, labs, and centers at MIT. Working groups within the ICC lead our efforts in negotiation support and the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

Our Leadership:

  • ICC Sponsors:
    • Richard Lester, Associate Provost for International Activities
    • Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer
  • ICC Acting Chair:
    • Robin Lemp, Director of the Office of Major Agreements

Our Negotiations Group includes representatives from:

  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Research Administration Services
  • Office of the Recording Secretary
  • Office of Major Agreements
  • Office of the Vice President for Finance¬†

The Negotiations Group also includes subject matter experts from areas such as the International Students Office, the International Scholars Office, Human Resources, Environment, Health and Safety, and Global Education.

Our Policies and Procedures Coordinating Group includes representatives from:

  • Schools across the MIT campus
  • Various MIT departments, laboratories, and centers
  • International program offices
  • Human Resources
  • Office of the Vice President for Finance
  • MIT Audit Division

The Policies and Procedures Group also includes ex officio members from Reasearch Administration Services and the Office of Major Agreements.

For membership lists or general inquiries, please contact us.